Website: May 2014, Vol. 5, Issue 14

President's Message:

Paving season has officially started in Central Oregon. Come to our meeting a hear about what will be closed this month.

Let us meet at the KBDN Flight services building at 6pm for bold tales of flying, enjoy our infamous potluck at 6:30pm and have a short formal meeting at 7pm.

Te weather looks this Saturday for our Fly-Out. Not so good for Sunday. Come to our meeting and help us noodle our options.

Rumor update: I have confirmed that the Sunriver Wings and Wheels has been trimmed back to just wheels. It is still the last weekend in July, as always, but downtown, not at the airport. As an alternative, Sisters will have their 2nd Annual July 4th Wings and Wheels.


15 May – Monthly Meeting

17 May – Monthly Fly-out

19 June – Monthly Meeting

21 June – Monthly Fly-out

4 July – Sisters Wings and Wheels

17 July – Monthly Meeting

19 July – Monthly Fly-out

21 August – Monthly Meeting

23 August – Monthly Fly-out (S33 Airshow)

My Inbox:

Winter was cruel to Crescent Lake State Airport (5S2). Last years patching did not last and 5S2 is closed again. The Oregon Department of Aviation (ODA) estimates it needs a complete rebuild costing $1.5M. Unless some unexpected money shows up quickly expect the airport to stay closed for a long time.

Julie Clark and her gleaming T-34 will be the headliner at this years Airshow of the Cascades at Madras airport (S33). She wowed the crowd the last time so be sure to catch her this time.

Maid in the Shade, the B-25J owned by the Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force will be coming the Madras for 7 days starting August 18. They will be open for tours, and selling rides.

Prineville Airport (S39) has a new AWOS. The frequency is 118.325 MHz and the telephone is 541-447-4060. It is not FAA approved yet, so it is not available online, not available in a briefing and not on charts. That should change by year end.

If you see Kelly Coffelt (S39 Airport Manager) thank him for his diligent work getting the new AWOS installed and running.

Paving work continues at Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM). Expect extended runway closures. The touchdown end of runway 4 will be closed this summer. Next year the rest of 4-22 will be redone, forcing a total airport closure.

Web doings:

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April Fly-Out (Not):

Our string of luck was bound to run out sooner or later, and in April it did. The forecast was for rain in the morning, but the sky was clear and blue for our gathering at Café Sintra in downtown Bend. The Café was fun and the food good.

The rain did eventually show up, later than forecast, but better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air than in the air wishing you were on the ground.

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Inside the cockpit of the Erickson Air Museum's Guppy. They intend to fit it with new wings and engines and fly it to their new museum in Madras. Would you fly in this airplane?