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This months meeting will be on Thursday, January 17th, 6:00pm at the Bend Airport (S07) in the Flight Services building.


Gary E. Miller

The Central Oregon Chapter dues are $10 and are for the calendar year 2002. You can mail them to me at:

Central Oregon Oregon Pilots Association

c/o Gary E. Miller

109 NW Wilmington Ave.

Bend, OR 97701, Or just bring them to the monthly meeting. Make checks payable to the “Central Oregon Chapter - Oregon Pilots Association”.

Your dues cover the cost of Chapter mailings and for the supplies at the Monthly Meetings and Flyouts. The best $10 flying value you will get this year.

All local members must also be a member of the state organiza­tion. State membership is billed separately by the OPA state office and is good for the 12 months following the anniversary of your joining.

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Joel Premselaar

I’ll set the scene for you…. You’re running late for a Wilfong flyaway, so your pre flight is a “kick the tire and light the fire” pre-cursor, or better said; precursEr to what could develop into full-fledged sphincter exercise. You firewall your Traumahawk, or its equivalent, and start boring expensive holes in the sky pursuing the gang and that special $100 hamburger.

Listening to the other COPAers on the chatter frequency, you are alarmed by a sudden and significant decrease in your hamburger go-getter’s airworthiness. Then, lo and behold, you sense that a great void has entered between the earphones of your headset!

The monthly publication “Aviation Safety” has a section titled “Learning Experiences.” Experience is something personally lived through that’s useful only if you survive it. Why tempt fate? To ensure longevity, anticipate, simulate, and practice potential emer­gencies vice experiencing the real thing (Hey! I know where your mind is. I’m just testing you. Look up vice in the dictionary. It’s a proper word.).

Flight control emergencies include: loss of linkage to or jammed ailerons, rudder, elevators, ailerons and elevators simultaneously, and trim tabs. Cessna has an AD out against some of their control wheels; they break off into the hands of the pilot. Here are just three reports in the “Aviation Safety” publication. A C-150 rudder bar jammed due to a broken rudder bar return spring and its lever arm (Ref. FAA Air Worthiness Alert #2720). A Grumman Ameri­can AA-5 Traveler had aileron control problems in flight. After landing, the right aileron was found to be detached from the wing at the outboard end. A Super Decathlon had an elevator jammed by the auxiliary antenna of its ELT. This pilot now opens the access panels in the tail cone to check for foreign objects. The list goes on and on. During a preflight check, I found a broken eleva­tor hinge on a JRB, Navy’s designation for the Beech 18. Also on a preflight, I found a damaged right ruddervator on my Bonanza. The aforementioned Traveler may have incurred damage for the same reason as my Bonanza’s did. Some inconsiderate pilot gen­erated excessive prop wash on the flight line. Even though I had my flight controls locked, when I returned from lunch and did a walk around, the dirty deed had been done. Moral? Do a preflight each and every time.

Let’s treat each of the flight control losses sequentially as cited in

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Mike Bond

I bumped into Carrie Novak, who advised us that the project to approve installation of Central Oregon radar is still moving ahead, with a choice from 3 Redmond Airport sites to be made in the next few weeks. She asked that Co-Opa members consider attending Senator Wyden’s town meeting on Monday Jan 14, 5-6:30pm at Summit High School, in Bend. Carrie said he had been a strong supporter for the radar and it would be good PR to show support. Carrie’s response “Thanks Mike....without Senator Wyden’s con­stant hammering on the FAA we would not have a chance for this radar to happen. We all need to come out and thank him....”.


Don Wilfong

Saturday, December 22, 2001. Morning came and the sky was
blue (to the East), but a dark area seemed to dominate the Western
and Southern area.
I rolled the plane out of the hangar on Pilot Butte Airport and flew
out to Bend to meet any adventurous folks who wanted to fly to
breakfast. Mike and Ann Bond showed up and expressed their
concern for the weather. Gary Miller showed up with his brother
and Duane Francis and one of his sons showed up from Pilot Butte.
We all stood around for a while and decided to forget flying and go
to breakfast locally.
Duane and I decided to get our planes back to Pilot Butte Airport
and then drive for breakfast. Well... We got airborne and the
weather moved in with one of the heaviest snowstorms I have
seen. We turned tail and just got back to Bend Airport before the
area was blanketed with a lot of snow in a short period of time.
We went to Jake’s and they were full up so ended up at Juniper
Café. There was Mike & Ann Bond, Gary Miller and myself. We
had a great time and solved most of the World’s problems while we
enjoyed our meals. Later in the day, after plowing the Pilot Butte
runway, we were able to get the planes home and tucked in their
I won’t be available to plan a Fly-Out for January until about the
12th of January. I hope everyone has had a really Merry Christmas
and a New Year with blue skies and tail winds.


Dale Evans

Save the date for sanitary improvements at Owyhee State Airport
(Pelican Point 28U). The suggested date is shortly after expected
maximum reservoir elevation, late enough for the runway surface
to be firm, and soon enough to ensure easy digging for the new
Dan Evey, Oregon Department of Aviation, advises he has been
in contact with the Bureau of Reclamation, who note the need for
sanitary facilities is due in part to visits from boaters, and they are
willing to cost share.
This is a good project for OPA’s Central Oregon Chapter.


Dale Evans

Central Oregon Chapter Officers and Ad Hoc Committee member:

Item 1. This is a letter I wrote to City Manager David Hales, self explanatory. Read the letter

Item 2. I attended the City Economic Development Committee meeting last night to follow up on the letter’s Policy/Objectives suggestion with Council Members and the City Manager. They were all enthusiastic, thought it was a good idea, etc. Vern, we should check in a week or two to see whether they are in fact scheduling an Ad Hoc committee meeting. All members may not be in town. Oren Teater noted that last year in May when I proposed to the Budget Committee that funds be included to hire an Airport Man­ager, they determined it was too late for a new line item. Now is the time to start working with City staff. Oren suggested a half time position would be adequate. What do you think? Depends on the person. I have always recommended a person with qualifications/experience, either an Accredited Airport Executive or enrolled in the accreditation program of the American Asso­ciation of Airport Executives. I think most of the Council and City staff undervalues the importance of the airport; I think David Hales is open minded.

The City Finance Committee meets at 7:00 AM Monday, the 14th, in the Council Board Room. We need a volunteer to begin tracking this. I can provide the bundle of previous correspondence re Air-port manager. See item 3 concerning priorities for ALP projects.

Item 3. While waiting at City Hall for the meeting to start, I noticed a County hearing was scheduled at 7:00 PM to modify a site plan review on widening Nelson Road for Lancair. So I attended. Andy Lindsey was there to request an extension of the deadline for completion of the project to November 30, 2003. This was approved.

The schedule at Public Works for the airport is about as follows:

Draft ALP was sent to FAA late November (yes, this was approved by the City Council last June 6), minor comments received, will be sent back to FAA late January, expect to get approval from FAA February-early March. Then the Airport Master Plan with the updated Airport Layout Plan goes to the County for approval and adoption into the County land use plan. (Failure of the City to get County approval/adoption of the 1994 update was the cause of this entire imbroglio). The City expects to complete the environmental assessment on Nelson Road this summer (2002), finish the design, and construct the relocation summer 2003. The only apparent reason for an extended schedule is that Public Works does not have the staff to move it along faster, and their concern (because they don’t understand the AIP system) that they don’t have the money. I think funds are available. The FY 02 Airport Fund contingency is about

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Jack Kohler

continued with the main event, THE GIFTS! This gift-giving con-Although I have not cept was new to me and I didn’t really know what to attended but a handful of expect. Dean explained the rules and everyone who meetings, being a new brought a gift was to open a gift. After all the gifts member, it was obvious were open and everyone has had the opportunity to this one was special. It see who opened what, the fun began. As the malady was the Holiday Special and included guest speaker David Hales, Bend City Manager. It was comfort­ing to hear Mr. Hales talk about his willingness to listen to the airport and pilots concerns. But, it was truly a pleasure to Nancy opening her initial gift listen to the meaningful, quality dialog from the CO-OPA members regard­ing GA and the Bend Air-port. Without a doubt the

talent within the CO-OPA After the gift exchange - see, still friends
is excellent and pilots
everywhere should be so started I could see there was a swift strategy being put
lucky as to belong to an into practice by the veterans of this gift-giving ritual.
organization with For some unknown haphazard luck I ended up with
members like the Central something I’ve wanted, IFR training materials (circa
Oregon – Oregon Pilot’s 1988). Ruth and I had a wonderful time and as you can
Association. Dale plotting the stratgey see from these pictures so did everyone.


Dale Evans Daniel M. Skotte

A picture of my transport last month - a DHC-3 Otter. See the Jan-FAA MEDICAL now at the Bend Airport by appointment one Sat-
Feb PropWash for details. urday a month (at the PACKASPORT hanger) Class I, II, III.
This is the deHaviland DHC-3 friends and I in Juneau have char-Dates as follows;
tered in recent years for our annual week or two deer hunting January 26, 2002
trip to our cabin near the Southeast end of Admiralty Island (SE February 16, 2002
Alaska). We built the cabin in 1961, and over the years we (usu­
ally six of us) have traveled, besides the Otter, by mail boat, Call 593-5400 for appointment. Same day FAA Medical available
Grumman Goose, Turbo Beaver, or D-18 Twin Beech. Anything in Sunriver.
smaller usually requires more than one airplane. This time of year,
the Otter on straight floats remains in the hangar over night to keep it
defrosted, and is launched fully loaded in the float pond adjacent to
the runway when ready to go. This year, the float pond Dues are Due from page 1
froze while we were

hunting, so we were If you are not already a member of the State and Local arms of the
picked up, two days organization then now is as good a time as any to sign up. Don
late because of Wilfong has done a great job redesigning the membership forms.
weather, in a stan-Copies are available at the monthly meeting and on the web site
dard Beaver and (click on the membership forms link).
C-206 on amphib­
ious floats. What


Report - Bend Municipal Airport from page 1

$233,000, which is about10 percent of the total for Nelson Road realignment, runway reconstruction, taxiway widen/resurface, west side frontage road extension, and intersection improvements at Butler Market/Powell Butte. The FY 02 budget includes funds for the EA, and design work on the road realignment and runway relo­cation. The ASOS/AWOS is also funded; no one has had time to order it. I emphasized to the Council members and David Hale that I don’t blame Public Works, I fault the City for not hiring an Airport Manager.

Item 4. Dan Evey called today and said BR has a spare porta potty, which they will deliver to Pelican Point. Dan will fly to Owyhee Friday, May 17 to help locate a site adjacent to the airport, and available for boaters as well. He would like to have someone from OPA there to receive it also. Bass fishing should be good! Sounds like a fun weekend! --- Dale


Jack Kohler

Well, here we are in the year 2002; hopefully everyone has had a wonderful Holiday Season. As this year proceeds I will work hard to put together the contributions of interesting and hopefully relevant articles for the Central Oregon, Oregon Pilot’s Association Newsletter.

As I look back, 2001 was the year I decided to rejuvenate my pri­vate pilots certificate and get current. After a 20+ year hiatus of being a non-participant aviator, I brutally realized there were some significant changes that had taken place. Planes without carb heat, What a Concept! Inversed wedding cake airspace, Wow! The 2001 FAR/AIM was thicker than most phonebooks, Jeepers! My CFI is significantly younger than myself, Holy Mackerel! It didn’t seem like I was away that long, what was I doing all this time? I looked through my old logbook and relived the entries from my first lesson, February 14, 1969 at Hayward, CA. I was relived to discover that the important flying skills I was taught years ago are the same skills my CFI was teaching me today. This certainly made it easier to progress and pass my BFR.

Flying in Central Oregon, as most of you already know, is a won­derful rewarding experience and being a member of the Central Oregon’s Chapter of the Oregon Pilot’s Association is truly an honor. I would like to thank all the CO-OPA members for this opportunity to put together your monthly newsletter. As we prog­ress through the year I will, with your help, continue to make changes, improvements and create a newsletter we will all be proud of. Thank you, Jack Kohler (Private Pilot, SEL so far).

Hangar Flying from page 1

the first sentence of the previous paragraph. Considering my ram­blings, we’ll just address useless ailerons in this issue.

Back in the old days (Yeah, here I go again) they built wings by the mile and cut them off by the yards as required. The wings stalled from the tips inward. As a consequence, we had a training exercise called the “Falling Leaf.” You stalled the aircraft and if a wing dropped, you picked it up with opposite rudder. Use of the ailerons was a no no because that would put you into a terminal maneuver faster than you could say, “SPIN.” There is a school of thought that endorses the Falling Leaf as a way to practice control of the wings to enable a wings level crash landing into trees with mini-mum forward motion. The airplanes we fly today use wing wash-out, a twist in the wing that results in a lower angle of attack at the tips than at the wing root to ensure that the wing root stalls prior to the tips. In lieu (I could have used vice here too) of washout, many aircraft use spoilers at the wing root for the same reason. Even with today’s wing designs, I don’t recommend use of ailerons in a stall. Given this mini treatise, the way to practice for control loss of aileron(s) is to practice the Falling Leaf. Manually lock up your ailerons and control wing drop with yaw. Needless to say, for the real thing or for practice, reduce speed. The Falling Leaf is just a confidence building exercise.

Realistically, forget all this stuff I tell you about how airplanes fly; in truth, an airplane flies because of money!



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