Bud Fincham, President

2252 NW Fernie Court

Bend, Oregon 97701


**** POTLUCK ****

Date: September 20, 2001, Thursday

Time: 6:00 PM gather to socialize; WEAR YOUR NAME TAG

A good time to meet other Central Oregon pilots.

6:30 PM start through the potluck line

7:00 PM meeting

Place: Flight Services Building, Bend Airport

Speaker: Roy Panter, Oregon State Police. Roy works for the game patrol department and has extensive experience flying Eastern Oregon.

Hangar Flying // by Joel Premselaar

His name was Byrnes - Pappy Byrnes, the legendary Pappy Byrnes. Pappy's experience in twin-engine flying boats included the Norman-Hall and the Consolidated P2Y (both biplanes). He was loaned to Pan American Airlines to lay out the refueling points and air routes to South America. He was a Chief Aviation Pilot, USN, as was I at the time, but he was many many years my senior. One day, Pappy needed a copilot for a ferry trip from Norfolk, Virginia to Pensacola, Florida. I jumped at the chance to fly as his copilot and in a PBY at that. Halfway into the flight, Mother Nature beckoned Pappy aft. Pappy had those P&W 1830 engines running at 1800 RPM and 30 inches of manifold pressure. To keep from embarrassing the old boy, I very slowly increased the RPM to 2500 and eased the throttles up to the original 30 inches; this was more in keeping with standard operations. I didn't fool Pappy at all. When he climbed into an aircraft, he and the machine became one. Pappy stormed into the cockpit and told me in no uncertain terms that I was wasting gas and shortening the life of the engine. I started to defend myself, but he silenced me with a priceless admonition that lives with me to this day, "Don't argue with me! I've got more time between left and right mag than you have in the air." Right then he introduced me to BMEP (brake mean effective pressure); all this was long before Lindbergh propounded the concept to the military. For the remainder of the flight he lectured me with the necessity to keep current with progress. "Of equal importance," he growled, "is to maintain proficiency in your flying." You might ask, "O.K., now where are you going with this?" So, I'll tell you.

After a long hiatus from flying because my Sawbones, Dr. Newby literally lived up to his appellation by doing so on my back. It was after an even longer time since my last flight on instruments that I prevailed upon Mike Bond to ride shotgun for me while I tried to get current. I took the flight cold - after all a pilot with my experience can do no wrong: - WRONG! A pilot with my experience can fly instrument approaches cold; a guy like me doesn't have to review the approaches before taking a fling flying (alliteration with deliberation) them: - WRONG! The flight was not a total disaster because I learned that to maintain proficiency, one must exercise his or her skills. I flew the worst flight in my memory. Arrogance, it was, pure and simple! Need I say more?

OPA - Central Oregon Chapter Officers

The following officers were recently elected to serve the Central Oregon OPA Chapter:

President: Nancy Lecklider
3054 NW Clubhouse Dr
Bend OR 97701
541 330-1853

Vice President: Dean Cameron
20015 Chaney Road
Bend OR 97701
541 389-8285

Secretary/Treas: Gary E. Miller
109 NW Wilmington Ave
Bend OR 97702
541 382-8588

Flyout Chair: Don Wilfong
210 SE Cessna Dr
Bend OR 97702
541 389-1456

Program Chair: Philip Wolfe
19569 SW Brookside Way
Bend OR 97702
541 312-4643


Membership roster is online at: http://co-opa.rellim.com/members/members.html

Web site is: http://co-opa.rellim.com

Aviation weather address: http://adds.awc-kc.noaa.gov/

Past and Up-coming Activities // by Dean Cameron

Our guest speakers last month were Arnie Vetterick and Mike Brownlee. They gave a great and informative talk on their trip to Alaska. There were lots of great photos showing some really nice scenery. A trip to Alaska should be on every pilot's itinerary. I look forward to when I might be able to go some day. We have many members in our club who have lived in Alaska. If you ever want to go just ask around and you will get lots of great pointers and tips on where, when, and how. Thanks to Arnie and Mike for sharing their experience with us.

Our fly-out in August was really great. We went to Pacific City on the coast. The weather was wonderful. Clear skies and smooth air the whole way. Michael Guth took is beautiful Lancair into this short strip (1800'). I think he said it was fun? The airport is really pretty easy but speed management is important. The strip is right in town with easy walking to shops, restaurants, and the beach. The Guth's and Lecklider's returned to Bend after Pacific City while the Gary Miller and the Cameron's (with guests) continued down the coast. We spotted several whales and had a really great time. Gary stopped at one last grass strip on the way home and reports that it was a challenge on departure. We'll get more feed back on his experience at our next meeting.

SEPTEMBER MEETING - SEPTEMBER 20th: Thursday night. This months guest speaker will be Roy Panter with the Oregon State Police. Roy works in the game patrol department and has flown most of Eastern Oregon. He has a wealth of experience to share with us. Learn about what he does, some of the unique places he flies and how to stay safe from someone who is out there every day and still loving it. Come and listen to Roy and bring a guest.

Several of our other members brought photos of Alaska to last months meeting. Phil Wolfe had the best shots of the toughest looking airstrips. I'm not sure if I would take my 4 wheel drive Chevy to some of the places Phil has taken his plane. If you didn't get a chance to see Phil's photo album, ask him to show it to you some day.

Social starts at 6:00, Potluck at 6:30 and meeting at 7:00.

SEPTEMBER 15 & 16: Oregon Air Fair - Albany. Static displays and vendors. Easy flight from Bend for the day.

SEPTEMBER 15 & 16: Reno Air Races. If you haven't seen this yet, you should go.

SEPTEMBER FLY-OUT: SEPT. 22nd - Club sponsered BBQ! O.K. I've been threatening to go to Prospect for several months and this is it. Prospect is just south of Crater Lake on the way to Medford. It is a nice long paved strip (50'x 4000') in the mountains. This is one of the prettier flights from Central Oregon. Let's fly the Cascade Lakes and over Crater Lake. This is a perfect flight to bring a guest. The scenery is unmatched, the club will be providing hamburgers, hot dogs, and veggie burgers. All you have to bring is a side dish and an appetite. Let's make this the best turnout of the season. Winter will be setting in soon and the opportunities to fly will get less and less. So make sure to join us for this trip. Share your love of flying with your friends or family. We'll meet at the flight services building in Bend at 9:00 am.

Visit our web site at: co-opa.rellim.com for more info and link to the state OPA website. For members only lists: User name: S07 Password: 123.0

For more information about up-coming events, please call Dean Cameron (541) 389-8285 or dcameron@empnet.com

.Member Notes

NEWSLETTER IDEAS? Do you have any ideas for the newsletter? Upcoming events you want published. Trips you would like to plan with other pilots? Something useful you would like to sell? We would like your input on the newsletter. Please feel free to write a short article about an adventure or experience you would like to share. Also we'll set up some space for a classified section if you have some aviation item you would like to sell.

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