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At:2021.01.25 0355 UTC
Viz: 8 mile(s)
Sky: partly cloudy
Temp: 30 F (-1 C)
DewP: 28 F (-2 C)
RH: 92%
Baro: 29.68 in.
ob: KBDN 250355Z AUTO 00000KT 8SM SCT001 SCT033 M01/M02 A2968 RMK AO2

At:2021.01.25 0404 UTC
Wind:220° @ 4KT
Viz: 5 mile(s)
Sky: overcast
Temp: mist
DewP: 28.9 F (-1.7 C)
RH: 23 F (-5 C):1
Baro: 23 F (-5 C):1
ob: KRDM 250404Z 22004KT 5SM BR FEW001 SCT019 OVC050 M02/M03 A2967 RMK AO2 T10171033
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Rent Increase 2020 Documents

Our Cause

"The City of Bend has failed to meet the regulatory requirements of FAA Airport Compliance Manual - Order 5190.6B Chapter 18 "Airport Rates and Charges", and City of Bend Code 12.15.005 Resolution, "The fee shall not exceed the average cost of providing service"; when it established new airport rents and fees scheduled to start 8/1/2020. Therefore the new rates and fees are invalid and are hereby formally contested in accordance with FAA Airport Compliance Manual - Order 5190.6B Chapter 18.6 Local Negotiation and Resolution."

Specialized Aero Works Open House, 2 October 2020

Presentation Slide Deck

Remarks and Questions Form

September 8 Meeting

Organizing Meeting

August 3 Meeting

6:30 pm August 3, Meeting Agenda

6:30 pm August 3, Meeting Notice

The Bulletin

August 2: Bend Airport tenants frustrated after city's rent increase "City says rent hike is justified, need for airport to be self-sustaining"

9 March 2017: City sued for $15.3M by Bend airport tenants

AOPA news


KTVZ news

July 23: Bend airport businesses object to rent hike

Bend City Council

July 23: City Council video (Slow link). Public Comments start at 40:30.

June 17: The fee resolution railing the rates: Bud-E-Full Fees Resolution 2020-06-17.

At the top: " Bend Code section 12.15.005 states that the City Council may, by resolution, establish and amend fees or service charges (collectively “fees”) for any and all services provided by the City. The fee shall not exceed the average cost of providing the service."

The dirty deed in Section 6.4 on page 21.

2 April 2020: 2020 Rent Appraisal

June 2017: City council resolution from June 2017 on the lawsuit.

6 March 2015: 2015 Rent Appraisal


FAA Airport Compliance Manual Order 5190.6B Chapter 18 "Airport Rates and Charges"

Comparable Rents


Bend Airport Master Plan

Bend Aiport Master Plan

Tenant Fees Discussions


Renter's Contacts


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