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APPROVED: 4 Antenna Towers near St. Charles Hospital

FAA wrote this letter to approve the towers: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4

24 April 2002

AOPA wrote a letter against the proposed towers

4 Proposed Antenna Towers near St. Charles Hospital


James E. Riley, Specialist Airspace Branch

The Pamplin Broadcasting - Oregon, Inc. is seeking permits for a group of four antenna towers 3.76 nm southwest of the Bend Municipal Airport (S07). The tower heights will be approximately 280 feet AGL (3800 ft. MSL). They exceed height limits in FAR 77.23 (a) (2) by 4 ft. to 12 ft. Since these structures exceed the FAA obstruction standards the FAA is conducting an aeronautical study under the provisions of U.S.C., Section 44718 and, if applicable, Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 77. This will help determine it's effect upon the safe and efficient use of navigable airspace by aircraft and on the operation of air navigation facilities.

In the study, consideration will be given to all facts relevant to the effect of the structure on existing and planned airspace use, air navigation facilities, airports, aircraft operations, procedures and minimum altitudes, and the air traffic control system.

The antenna tower group is within Latitude 44-04-44 to 44-04-47 and Longitude 121-16-59 to 121-17-05. This places the towers approximately where Stover Park is located just North of Pilot Butte off Shepard Rd. (see Figure 1). According to Air Life Director, Vern Bartley, this may pose a serious safety problem for the egress and ingress to St. Charles Medical Center via helicopter rescue flights.

All members and interested persons are encouraged to participate in this aeronautical study by submitting comments to;

Federal Aviation Administration
Northwest Mountain Region, ANM-520
1601 Lind Avenue, S.W.
Renton WA 98055-4506

To be eligible for consideration, comments must be relevant to the effect the structure would have on aviation, must provide sufficient detail to permit a clear understanding, must contain the following aeronautical study numbers;



FAA PUBLIC NOTICE Aeronautical Study #01-ANM-2851-OE Page 1 Page 2

FAA PUBLIC NOTICE Aeronautical Study #01-ANM-2852-OE Page 1 Page 2

FAA PUBLIC NOTICE Aeronautical Study #01-ANM-2853-OE Page 1 Page 2

FAA PUBLIC NOTICE Aeronautical Study #01-ANM-2854-OE Page 1 Page 2

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